How to Order $300 Customs

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How to Order $300 Customs

Postby admin » Sat Jan 02, 2016 10:26 pm

Ordering $300 customs is similar to regular customs with the exceptions that they are restricted to 10-15 minutes, a simple paragraph stories like the one below and may or may not contain hard core sexual acts. If not hard core, they may be soft core but look as though it is a hard core filming. If the stories fit this guideline, then there is a stronger possibility it can be filmed. Remember the longer talent list you provide the easier it is for us to film but if you are waiting for only one talent and that talent is highly popular or busy, the probability of it happening at this price is extremely low to be honest but if eke love PT movies and are interested in a "body type of talent and allow us to choose we can produce it faster and provide talent similar to your storyline.

To submit a story, email PT with the header $300 CUSTOM STORY and we can review it and make it happen.
EXAMPLE of $300 Custom Story
Meal of the Day – by Yawn
A man invites a girl to a dinner. She rings the door, dressed sexily.
He opens the door, wearing a cooking apron. He lets her in. They kiss passionately. She says its so nice of him to have invited her over for dinner and asks what's for dinner. He says "you". She laughs and thinks it's a good joke, and adds "maybe later", teasing him as she walks into his kitchen and he slowly follows, stalking her. He grabs her tighter and doesn't want to let go. She looks at him puzzled. His hands go up and slowly grasp her throat. She tries to ask what he is doing, but he just mercilessly chokes her. She starts to fight for her life, hitting him in the stomach, She starts kicking him with her legs, but he is relentless. She loses fast. Her arms fall down and tremble. Her legs grow weak and he slowly allows her to fall down to her knees. He holds her in such a position, while she agonizes. Her whole body shakes. She dies, looking up at him. He slowly puts her down and unwraps his prize. He then puts her on a tray and puts oil on her. He positions her like a hog for roasting, which coincidentally positions her ass for fucking. He stuffs her full of his cock, until he comes. He puts an apple in her mouth and he preheats the oven.

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