How To Order Customs

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How To Order Customs

Postby admin » Sat Jan 02, 2016 9:44 pm

Ordering a regular sized custom is much different than a $300 custom which is very limited in time and scope. A typical custom is one in which the buyer wants to see his favorite fetish acts committed not only with longevity but to his or her exact liking so these type of customs range in scope from 25-120 minutes. Fan receive a censored version of a custom movie which is why you see customers in the 40-45 minute range but the client receives an uncensored version of that movie.
Like anything in life, the more involved and complex the movie is the higher the cost; the simpler the movie, the cheaper the cost.
The easiest way to determine the cost is to get an estimate from us by emailing your story to and type CUSTOM SUBMISSION in the subject header.
I will review it and get back to you and we can work out a price based on my negotiation with the talent and their agents.

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